About Us

The 944th Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) is a Reserve Component Unit located at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona.  The primary mission of the 944th LRS is to support training of the worlds greatest F-35 and F-16 fighter pilots.  We accomplish this mission by providing refueling, transportation, vehicle maintenance, supply and strategic planning operations to the over 5,000 military and civilians personnel stationed at Luke Air Force Base.

Our secondary mission is to deploy citizen airmen in support of worldwide combat and contingency operations.  This secondary mission tasks our Citizen Airmen to deploy "downrange" where they join with active duty and national guard forces to support the mission of combat commanders anywhere around the globe.

As you may expect, this secondary mission has a great impact on our Citizen Airmen, their families and their civilian employers.  Typically our Airmen are deployed for 6 months into high risk combat zones where the mission tempo is very fast and constant.  This means that many times they have limited contact with their family and friends back home.  As their home unit, we commit personnel and time to keep in constant contact with our deployed member's families to ensure their needs are met.  In addition we host deployed family events such as dinners and workshops to help in keeping the feeling of unity strong even when a family member is gone for a long time on deployment.

In addition, when our Airmen are deployed, we support them directly by shipping them personalized "care packages" containing comfort items from home that they are unable to obtain overseas.  When our Airmen return, we continue to support them with re-orientation events which aid them in transitioning back to their civilian capacity.

Since these additional events are not mission essential, the 944th Logistics Readiness Squadron relies 100% on donations to make sure we can provide them to our Airmen during and after deployments.  We thank you for your consideration and support of the 944th Logistics Readiness Squadron and the Luke Air Force Base Citizen Airmen Relief Fund.

Luke AFB Citizen Airmen Relief Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Lt Col Kip M. Schlum

Commander, 944th Logistics Readiness Squadron